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Special Ops Gibraltar is your local activity provider for all those cannot-do-at-home activities unique to Gibraltar and caters for:

Here is everything you need to know about organising an event, and a few extra tips. Look out for our new www.espionage.games 18+ Socially distant team building for Xmas and dinner parties. Catch a glimpse of what it entails on our FB page:


Corporate team building during dinner or drinks, solo missions, date night (including dinner), small and large teams, in and out of office, we have a mission for beginners and covert operatives. We can even arrange child care for your night out! Want to do put the family to the apocalypse test? Have a look at our Walking Dead: Zombie Survival. Register for our next one. £35pp.*


COVID-19 Special Ops Gibraltar has been social distancing since 2014. Lazer-Tag is the perfect activity for the ‘new normal’. The Ministry of Environment and Public Health have been satisfied with our C19 preventative measures we introduced in February before C19 was local news. -Lazer-Tag rifles are disinfected before and after use. -Social distancing is part of the game 🙂 -Hand sanitizer is available. -We have the ability to temperature check participants before we start. -We do not recommend ‘blowing the candle’ on a shared cake for the maybe not so obvious reasons. -Our standard Safety Brief has a new (child friendly) C19 segment. -18 continues to be our optimum number of gamers to keep with 3 teams of

– For the reassurance of guests 12 gamers would mean there is no sharing of Lazer-Tag rifles. The total number of gamers is subject to any changes to group size restrictions.

– We recommend booking and inviting 18 gamers in case there are any guests having to isolate you can at least have a sizeable party rather than losing a hand full of guest from a group of 12 that will end up being a small group. We will not charge you the add-on if the group is within eg 12.


LAZER-TAG by #SOG We offer corporate team building and surprise birthday parties for partners, where after receiving a recorded video of his wife’s kidnapping he had to rescue her with his friends, yet we’ve also had gamers as young as 7 taking part. It all depends if they can carry the Lazer-Taggers as they are weighty. Team v team capture the flag is most popular. We rotate the teams so everyone gets to have a break.

Price breakdown:

– Starts at £230 for a maximum of 12 gamers who are playing all the time (Mon – Thur), duration 2 hours total. Approx 1.5 hours game time of capture the flag with a changeover of sides.

– £270 for a maximum of 18 gamers in a three team rotation (Mon – Thur), duration 2.5-3 hours total. Approx 2.5 hours game time of capture the flag with a rotation of teams and changeover of sides.

– Fri, Sat, Sun & Bank Holidays: +£50

– Add 6 more gamers (up to 24 gamers): +£40

– FORTNITE theme: +£60 This includes 10 x costumes and masks of various sizes and our full size Loot Llama.

– Fortnite 5m long inflatable Battle Bus +£99

– The DEVICE: +£30 The DEVIVE + firework: £39 The device has a variety of games. Gamers have to deactivate it or a siren will sound and/or firework can be launched.

– ARMY JEEP hire: +£60 If you want to add a surprise, why not arrive in style on the Special Ops Jeep for. If you have not seen it, here it is: https://www.facebook.com/pg/LazerTagbySpecialOpsGibraltar/services/?ref=page_internal

– Video/ photo package (basic): +£90 See our video on the links above for examples.

NOTE: We have a strict first come first serve policy, and without at least 50% deposit we cannot accept a booking. Book early to not be disappointed. To avoid confusion please ensure that we confirm the date and time upon paying your deposit, as other bookings may have been taken since our initial conversation. The arrival time stipulated is for you and your guests to arrive, not the LT agent. We need the majority there to start the Safety Brief as we cannot start/stop this as it’s very thorough. Our basic locations for hosting an event are Europa Point, Little Bay and Camp Bay, yet we have hosted events almost all around Gibraltar and WWII tunnels, so let us know if you want a special mission. For more complex missions we would be looking at £30/£35 per person. This includes things like fireworks, pyrotechnics, smoke grenades and special effects. We are also able to make a trailer of your event should you want a memento; basic package £90.

We will forward you this upon booking.

CATERING: We can offer bespoke BBQs so let us know if you want something fancy. We also work closely with Pizzeria Plaza (https://pizzeriaplaza.gi/) as they offer good value and variety. They also guarantee delivery on time as long as you call early and tell them it is for a Lazer-Tag party which is crucial. Why?…An early delivery and we have to stop playing to eat and will not resume play after to avoid stomach aches and anyone vomiting. So policy is not to play after food. A late delivery and parents have picked up their kids and will not be happy they have not been fed. There is no need to pre-book, just call at the start of the party on the day.

DRINKS: We recommend buying big packs of water bottles, some squash alternatives (ie not fizzy) and a marker to put the kids name on each. Then they each have 1.5L worth of drink which does not blow away in a breeze like cups do.

LOCATIONS Except during the bathing season we can host events in all beaches, but kids parties are limited to Camp Bay, Little Bay and Europa Point:


WHAT TO BRING: Please make sure that all those who want to battle are wearing/ bring trainers or boots as flip flops or barefoot will not be allowed. Long trousers and sleeves are recommended depending on the nature of the battle ground. This is not just for kids and we can organise a bespoke corporate team building event for your company to join the likes of Hassans, EY Accountants, Lotto Land, the Royal Engineers to mention a few.

FRIDAY WEEKLY LAZER-TAG Join our FB group and please machine gun like our pics and trailers and hope to see you at one of our events soon which we hold every Friday meeting at 19:00hrs. £20pp. By all means give me a call if you want to bounce some ideas off me and discuss any of the above and the best solutions for any catering (+350 54032555).

Meanwhile visit our websites:




Although we call it Lazer – Tag there are no actual lasers involved. It uses infra-red light like your TV remote, so no eye protection is needed. It is environmentally friendly and it doesn’t hurt. Although some initially say this is a negative, remember we are team building and NOT team destroying.

It matters not if you are a lone wolf or belong to a team, our events will challenge you and put you in real-sim scenarios all around the fortress of Gibraltar including our sellout Walking Dead Zombie Survival.

Be prepared to engage ex and serving security forces who will only go down fighting.

There are many international events if you want to take it to the next level, yet visiting teams will invariably attempt to invade for which we must prepare to defend… Nulli expugnabilis hosti – Conquered By No Enemy. More…